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The USA international scored his first ever goal in La Liga after opening his Barça account in the group stages of the Champions League against Dynamo Kyiv in November of last year. Dest is the first American to score a brace in the Spanish league.
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Diok _Mhp
Diok _Mhp 27 दिन पहले
The graceful garlic fifthly tap because parrot retrospectively breathe absent a present frame. stupendous, hissing swallow
Putra Syah
Putra Syah 28 दिन पहले
Line Up Barcelona 2021/2022 : 3-4-1-2 Keeper : Stegen Defender : Pique, Garcia, De jong Miedfilder : Alba, Moriba, Pedri, Dest Second Striker : Messi Striker : Dembele, Haaland
Ronaldo Boi
Ronaldo Boi 28 दिन पहले
He's probably the only US to play for barcelona and score for barcelona
Dino 29 दिन पहले
0:25 in 0.5 speed
shivansh uniyal
shivansh uniyal 29 दिन पहले
If this team has to become special team then they have to defeat real and athletico this season with same style and intense play..
Marcelo Beltran
Marcelo Beltran 29 दिन पहले
what he say?, "we on a right what?
Desert Falcon
Desert Falcon 29 दिन पहले
American !!??
The SunShine Tv
The SunShine Tv 29 दिन पहले
"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."
MR.223rem महीने पहले
Hell yea brother
Golam Rabbani Edi
Golam Rabbani Edi महीने पहले
Dest, You do not know yet how it feels when you will score in camp nou, in front of thousands of cules, and how it feels when the biggest Stadium of Europe will chant your name. InShaAllah One day corona will go away, and you will get that golden moment. Stick with the team until that.. Visca el Barca.. Visca el Catalunya.. 🔵🔴🔵🔴
Alex Alvarez
Alex Alvarez महीने पहले
Riqui must play more!
حسين محمد
حسين محمد महीने पहले
اكو عرب بالطياره🤣🤣
Star Gamerz YT
Star Gamerz YT महीने पहले
dest thanks for speaking english
Riqui Puig12
Riqui Puig12 महीने पहले
Dest: 2😎🥵 en media hora Hazard: 2🤩🥵 en algo de 2 años.
Huseyn Alikhanov
Huseyn Alikhanov महीने पहले
not brace barca
judah bajela
judah bajela महीने पहले
Aggregate score vs sociedad in the league. 8-2. The sociedad fans 8-2 see it
Kai Gaming
Kai Gaming महीने पहले
The only player that can take the helm from Danni Alves!!!
The Notorious
The Notorious महीने पहले
Is that accent from Texas?
Can i get 1 Sub
Can i get 1 Sub महीने पहले
*I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life*
weston jinjika
weston jinjika महीने पहले
Well done guys keep firing . We want goals from all angles. Lets be very Aggressive guys when it comes to scoring. Pedri we want goals from you, Inesta's style fire the net . Nice moves in the middle. Well distrubuition. Elisha good one keep it up push push,, Arujo good hieght and stamina. Speak wth your team shout and move if ball is not own our side try trap offside. Take more notes from Gerald. Make sure last man . Well done team Barca Visca el Barca
Sergiño Dest
Sergiño Dest महीने पहले
Thank you thank you, as I said at the beginning I will lose my lungs for Messi. We go for that league Visca Barça.
Mohammed Amine Chouirfi
Mohammed Amine Chouirfi महीने पहले
Visca Barça ❤️
_,aktep_ gg
_,aktep_ gg महीने पहले
Хорош, продолжай в том же духе
Seweryn Weinert
Seweryn Weinert महीने पहले
Only Barca a I was born in 2009 and my first match was el-clasico 2012 then my love started💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️
Faiyaz Alam
Faiyaz Alam महीने पहले
International break should not change the flow of the team
Daniel Preuninger
Daniel Preuninger महीने पहले
is a top reight defender Sergihno Dest Forca Barca 👍😍😊
حمودي Na
حمودي Na महीने पहले
I love Barcelona club, and I love coach Koeman more and every year you are well You surprised him, Coman 6-1, that you are the best coach
Moham3d Essam Abo deep
Moham3d Essam Abo deep महीने पहले
البرسا حب وانتماء
Richie Velasco
Richie Velasco महीने पहले
D10S 10
D10S 10 महीने पहले
Few months back some barca fans "Koeman out".
August Therkildsen
August Therkildsen महीने पहले
He 6-1 very strongly
M.S D महीने पहले
Lekker hoor.
ALEAS RAKAN महीने पहले
A 1992
A 1992 महीने पहले
I hope we keep this good form
A 1992
A 1992 महीने पहले
Thanks coach🤗 Happy Birthday🎂🎉🎊🎁
A 1992
A 1992 महीने पहले
Well done Sergiño👏🏻 Increase your self confidence, boy👍🏻
JP महीने पहले
Listening to both of them speak, I can't tell who's the American lol
Albin k jojan
Albin k jojan महीने पहले
Albin k jojan
Albin k jojan महीने पहले
Leart says #NoToSuperLeague
Leart says #NoToSuperLeague महीने पहले
This youngster team has the best potential to be the best this ucl was first appearances of youngsters we have chances to win ucl VISCA EL BARCA
Wandi Julian
Wandi Julian महीने पहले
Ronald Koeman best coach❤️💪💪
Anus Tahshin
Anus Tahshin महीने पहले
Great game
Kevin Mota
Kevin Mota महीने पहले
can I get a Dest jersey please???
Nitin Kumar
Nitin Kumar महीने पहले
Dest,Fati,De Jong,Pedri, Aurajo, Mingueza, what a future we have ahead of us
edoardo Secreto
edoardo Secreto महीने पहले
You miss ilaix as well. Awaiting for balde
Mina Zakher
Mina Zakher महीने पहले
Dear is prob the second best RB for Barclona after Alves.Did anyone see how he skilled past 4 defenders from Socidad?
Muhammad Aswan
Muhammad Aswan महीने पहले
Dest the next Dani Alves
ambesh karanjit
ambesh karanjit महीने पहले
dest is the best. hes a pure gemmmmm
Roloviny & Voloviny
Roloviny & Voloviny महीने पहले
I love this Club 🔴🔵
Allan Chong
Allan Chong महीने पहले
He’s literally talking like a Spanish....
Angela ytc
Angela ytc महीने पहले
Nowadays US people are becoming TikToker and overreacting.
Sita Jaichea
Sita Jaichea महीने पहले
My dest🥰😘😘
ahiable david
ahiable david महीने पहले
Wow he has quite a deep voice and he's accent not quite American
Fly High
Fly High महीने पहले
I like how everyone hated koeman for the initial losses and supports him now.😂😂 Losers. Try to have faith in him. And give him some time. Any manager deserves atleast that. Barca ♥️💙
zollier03 zollier03
zollier03 zollier03 महीने पहले
Bravo pour mon club le barsa et bravo Antoine pour ce bonheur bisous 😚 😚 😚 😚
The Original Meatbeater
The Original Meatbeater महीने पहले
Konrad prolly crying in a corner cause he doesn't get enough game time to score a brace XD
Mireille Bassil
Mireille Bassil महीने पहले
idt he's gonna have a place in the starting 11 but he had and he's so good and also he's a right back what a signing
Niclasher महीने पहले
Sergino alves
Hope 777
Hope 777 महीने पहले
There is no need for a new striker ... the team is good enough like it is ... don't forget Ansu Fati will also come back soon.
Barca fan 109
Barca fan 109 महीने पहले
When Laporta became president for the 2nd time,the players just got free confidence
Anish Raj
Anish Raj महीने पहले
I Love Messi and I love Barcelona Visca El Barca ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Enisa Malelli
Enisa Malelli महीने पहले
I'm sooo proud of this team 💙❤ And congrats on 2 goals u scored Dest 💪💙❤ Visca Barca 💪💙❤
Bayern 8 - 2 Barca
Bayern 8 - 2 Barca महीने पहले
Against farmers, mbappe sent him back to USA in the first leg. Second leg they didnt need to do anything so they sat back and relax. Otherwise mbappe would have called him back and sent again.
Reuel Stefan
Reuel Stefan महीने पहले
How is sergiño dest an American he doesn’t talk like an American neither is his name like American
Azarulx महीने पहले
MUHAMMED PK महीने पहले
GOLDEN GAMER महीने पहले
He just was born in USA but just to be clear he’s is” Brazilian , “
Rashik K
Rashik K महीने पहले
New Dani Alvase
Fred McBilly
Fred McBilly महीने पहले
the first us player to score 2 goals in a game in laliga the most goals in laliga by a us player and hes a right back
DANA SAEED महीने पहले
Code Ethiopia
Code Ethiopia महीने पहले
Dest best
kisses Gh
kisses Gh महीने पहले
Birthday goals.🔥❤❤🇬🇭
Felix Price
Felix Price महीने पहले
14 days without watching Barcalona play😭 thank you Koeman for what you have done to this team
Richu monster
Richu monster महीने पहले
دع برشلونة تنمو مع نموها
Nbabboy 06
Nbabboy 06 महीने पहले
Mathis Lievremont
Mathis Lievremont महीने पहले
Ronie Iebach
Ronie Iebach महीने पहले
For all BARCELONA players, the way to consistently win and be able to win is = every match, you have to play very aggressively on all fronts, have high confidence to win, high morale wants to win, you must have great energy and must have a physical strong, flowing the ball quickly, pressing on all lines, high presing on all fronts, focus and concentration until the end of the game, must be dominant in all lines, must have good ball possession, quickly snatch the ball from opponents, aggressive defense, compact , disciplined and strong, must attack quickly, make lots of chances, with accurate hull and cross passes, must shoot a lot of accurate balls, from outside the penalty box, to the top right or left corner of the goal, players must be able to score goals from kicks corners, and free kicks, and the forward must have a good finish, playing like this all, can be manifested by quality, experience, intelligence and mentality as well. ra a coach
adam benharref
adam benharref महीने पहले
Zəkəryə Official Zəkəryəbəyli
Zəkəryə Official Zəkəryəbəyli महीने पहले
Fabi9864 महीने पहले
What a fantastic Night. This is why we love Barça 😍💙❤️
Zaid Khan
Zaid Khan महीने पहले
Everyone Gangsta until Barca conquer Europe
دلوو پاشايى
دلوو پاشايى महीने पहले
Bakary Manneh
Bakary Manneh महीने पहले
morkav /موركاف
morkav /موركاف महीने पहले
I was watching the match it was legend i wish to cuntinue like this
Messi scored a brace too
Extraordinary Hand Crafts
Extraordinary Hand Crafts महीने पहले
sunil thapa
sunil thapa महीने पहले
iam hoping eric garcia will join barceloan and our defense will be garcia , araujo , and osacar menguitha in defense like solid wall and thiking about crushing every opponent in next season .
Mor K
Mor K महीने पहले
Keep up the form lads we win with another convincing performance.We move.VISCA BARCA
Michael Ofori Michael Antwi
Michael Ofori Michael Antwi महीने पहले
I think Laporta should always travel with the team...
Reggie Milla
Reggie Milla महीने पहले
Big Up Dest!!!!
Akshatt Singh
Akshatt Singh महीने पहले
Força Barça 💙❤
د. محمد الرماحي Dr M. Alramahy
د. محمد الرماحي Dr M. Alramahy महीने पहले
For me, the LaLiga is important but the most important to see the barca playing the football I Loved Barca for. Visca el Barca.
Kai 10
Kai 10 महीने पहले
Forca barca ❤️💙❤️💙❤️⚽️
MTVH महीने पहले
All the Spanish teams are scared of us now hehe
Slickzy महीने पहले
Arun nair
Arun nair महीने पहले
Ronald Koeman. He came when we were struggling, nobody wanted him to be our coach even the board was talking about xavi which was a huge disrespect to koeman. But the man ultimately made us happy and gave a strong mentality.
Mohammed Smadi
Mohammed Smadi महीने पहले
Dhyey Desai
Dhyey Desai महीने पहले
Surely it seems that Dest has a great future at barca🔥
Matrix महीने पहले
nice game
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